Slipped Disc

Slipped Disc = This is a vertebral disc that is displaced or even partly bulging or protruding outward from between the bones, which can also sometimes press on nearby nerves which can commonly cause back pain or a sciatica-type pain down the back of the leg.

How can Chiropractic Help with Slipped Disc?

Chiropractic care can help in many cases. Because the disc problem is often caused by, or worsened by, misaligned vertebrae or spinal bones, it is necessary to reposition the bones to take abnormal pressure off the disc so it can heal. As the disc heals, it often will retract away from the nerve. Discs heal very slowly, so the recovery can be very slow as well, sometimes months. During this time of care and healing, stretches and gentle exercises can help. Some of these can be given by the Chiropractor and sometimes the Chiropractor will ask the patient to try specific Physical Therapy to help the healing as well. In the most severe cases of disc injury, sometimes surgery is an option that can be considered.

Lifestyle choices such as smoking, lack of regular exercise, and inadequate nutrition contribute to poor disc health. Poor posture, daily wear and tear, injury or trauma, and incorrect lifting or twisting further stress the disc. If the disc is already weakened, it may become injured with a single movement, a strain such as coughing or even bending to pick up a small item like a toothbrush!

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